About Us

A Journey Through the Fire was created to showcase Chicago Fire fan fiction of all kinds, from stories suitable for children to stories only suitable for adults. It features several categories and classifications (characters, pairings, genre, warnings, ect.) to make finding the type of story you are in the mood to read easy. There are also challenges, links, writer resources, and a section where you can recommend your favorite off-site Chicago Fire stories on your Account Info page (you have to be a registerd member first.)

All submitted stories are validated by an administrator prior to being published on the archive to ensure that stories are submitted with the proper ratings, warnings, ect. So if you do not want to read stories containing certain subjects or are not old enough to, you will be warned ahead of time so you will not have any surprises.

The archive Administrator/owner isPeggy Schultz and the Assistant Administrator issinging_addict. As the archive grows and gains more members, members who participate the most via submitting stories, reviews, suggestions for new categories or classifcations, ect. will be offered the chance to become an administrator to help keep the archive running smoothly.

To ensure that an administrator does not have to decline your submissions or remove inappropriate reviews from the archive, please make sure you read the archiverules before submitting anything.

If you have any questions, comments, abuse to report, or suggestions you can use thecontact us form or send us an email message to:cfire@ajourneythrough.com.

Peggy Schultz also owns three other fanfiction archive sites for the CSI, Supernatural, and Star Trek Voyager television shows. They are all similar to this archive in design and layout just the fandom is different. If you are also a fan of CSI, Voyager, or Supernatural and would like to check out the other archives you can click on one of the banners below.